Latest trends in the Turkish dried apricots market

Latest trends in the Turkish dried apricots market Latest trends in the Turkish dried apricots market


According to the latest data from the Associations of Suppliers of Dried Fruits, it is estimated that the exports of Turkish dried apricots, by the beginning of January, have reached the figure of approximately 70,000 tons, which means that the 70% of the current crop is sold; while domestic consumption increased also by 10,000 tons.

Remembering that the apricot's crop of 2019 had an available quantity of 100,000 tons, and that the carry-over of the crop 2018 was mainly for industrial qualities.

Considering these data, the 2019 dried apricots harvest is practically sold out and there wouldn´t be enough goods to cover all the demand. Therefore, prices will hardly fall and will have an important upward trend.

We must also remember that during the 2019 apricot harvest, due to low productivity, there are not enough small sizes available -quite the opposite with large sizes-.

Due to this low productivity, most of small apricot sizes have already been exported or consumed; causing their prices increasement and that the price gap between large and small sizes is minimal.

In addition, Ramadan festivities are every year earlier, and this year they will begin by the end of April. So, demand from Arab countries will increase also during the coming weeks.

Due to these factors of low availability and higher demand forecast, farmers are being reluctant to sell their products and want to expect better prices.

Regarding the new apricot crop, there are also rumours among farmers that it is not evolving favourably. Climate conditions being the most important factor to highlight.

Temperatures in the province of Malatya, the apricot production area, have not been cold enough for their good growth.

These high temperatures are leading to many fruits blooming earlier; which can lead to the fact that, with possible future frosts, the flowers freeze producing a shortage in the new harvest.

In any case, it is too early to determine the new harvest, so in the coming weeks we will observe how the market is evolving and we will see the final evolution.