We are changing our image

We are changing our image We are changing our image


Our corporate image represents who we are, where we are going and where we come from. That is why, during the last months, we have been working on a makeover, heading towards a more innovative, modern, sustainable and transparent future.


At Calconut we believe that change is welcome, because we take on each and every challenge to gain new knowledge.

Every new day is an opportunity to change the things that matter. We take nothing for granted, there is always a better way if you know how to look for it. Human beings are astonishing, the capacity we possess to create new ways of doing the usual is infinite.

We work consciously, always looking around, not only at those who are far away, but also at those who are very close. Our strength becomes ever greater when we share it with colleagues, when we make their battles our own.

We believe in useful technology, technology that actively pursues people's well-being and the naturalness necessary for a better world.

That's why we work rigorously, near and far, because the world can sometimes feel too big for us, but with knowledge, generosity and transparency, we feel as if the world is in the palms of our hands. 
Thank you for building Calconut with us.