Calconut, a good environment for your internship

Calconut, a good environment for your internship Calconut, a good environment for your internship


Are you finishing your studies? Would you like to take the first steps in the profesional world? In Calconut we bet on young and qualified profiles, who want to start their professional career learning with an expert, young and dynamic team.

We know that the education is very important, and not only at an academic level. It is essential to have the opportunity to develop your career and grow in a company in which you have the potential to keep moving forward and learning new things.

Inés, a student of Food Science and Technology, has done her internship during the last 3 months in our Quality department, and she tells us about her experience at Calconut.

  • Inés, why did you decide to do the internship with us?
During the degree years, the practices we have done have been in the laboratory (sensory analysis, food safety parameters control ...) and, although I like it a lot, I wanted to experience something different and closer to a real work (nowadays finding a job in a laboratory is not so easy). Before finishing the degree I wanted to know the world of the office, everything that is behind and how I could help.

I had to research a lot of information about Calconut and could seen how the company was growing a lot in a short time. I was interested in knowing how a company faces so many changes, how the problems are faced, how all the objectives are managed, etc.

  • You have been part of the Quality department for 3 months, what would you highlight about the operation of this department?
I believe that the Quality department stands out, among others, for his dedication. From the beginning of the day until the end (or even after) they deal directly with very stubborn clients or claims that do not proceed, but they always try to take care of the relationships they have with clients, trying to keep them happy or satisfied.

I also think that it is a very versatile department, so they have very different tasks, which forces them to have a very well structured head in order to know how to proceed in each case. It is one of the things that has been more difficult for me to do, since for each task I usually do a general mental scheme to follow, but there are so many exceptions (because each provider or client is a world) that most of the time I had to ask.

  • What about your assignments as a trainee?
Of all that I have been doing these three months, it has been the contact with the clients what I liket the most. It took me a few days to gain enough confidence to respond their requests. I haven't attended any claims because that weren´t my functions, but making the analysis available to them, sending samples, certificates or technical files made me feel useful. I also liked the visit to one of the stores because until that moment you do not realize the amount of product that we handle (although there are many more).

  • What would you consider to have been the greatest learning during this time?
I learned to see the infinity of variables that must be taken into account in a company, that nothing or almost nothing works independently. I also learnt the fact that , despite having to carry a rigorous protocol when reviewing documents or doing certain things, you have to know how to adapt to changes or specific requirements of clients who want it in one or another way.

  • As you have lived yourself, in Calconut you do teamwork projects. Do you think this has been an enriching experience?
Of course, I don't think it can be seen otherwise. Many times we can think that our way of doing something is the most appropriate or perfect, but in Calconut everyone is very aware that it is a team and everyone has something to contribute. In my case, it has been a great help to have colleagues because many times I was not sure if I´m doing things well, and knowing that there is always someone to give you advices gives you calm.

  • What was your favorite thing about doing your internship with us? Would you recommend it to other students?
Apart from what I've said before, I liked the document review because I expected it to be a boring task, but I learned a lot when I saw how the import issue was managed. In fact, it has aroused such interest that I´m considering to continue my studies in that area. I also see how important it is to achieve a good level of languages, how international business Works, etc.
Of course I would recommend it, because you have to try a bit of everything and know what it is to work in an office. From the outside it doesn't look as entertaining as it really is. It has been well worth it both academically and by the team that has been with me for the past three months. I´m very satisfied.

In this case, Inés has opted for further education in languages, as she recognized their importance after her stay in Calconut, who is represented in the international market.

At Calconut, we open the door to new profiles. If you would like to do your internship with us, send us your CV to