Calconut, a great family where you can do your internship

Calconut, a great family where you can do your internship Calconut, a great family where you can do your internship


Cristina, a student of Foreign Trade, has done her internships in our logistics and import department, and tells us about her experience in Calconut.

At Calconut we bet on young profiles, and we help you to start your career and learn in a practical way in the working world. If you are studying and you intend to do your internship, with us you will find a good environment where you can learn.

Cristina tells us about her experience doing her internship in our company in the logistics and import department, and how she has been able to learn and expand her knowledge in the field of Foreign Trade studies.

  • What was it that led you to decide to do the internship at Calconut?
In the beginning I did not know the company, however, one of the teachers of my institute told me about it and suggested me to do the internship there. I remember that at the beginning there was a misunderstanding with the institute and the company about my incorporation into Calconut. And the company, despite not being his mistake, helped me to solve the problem with which I am very grateful.

  • What did you expect from your experience at Calconut? Do you think it has been fulfilled?
Prior to the interview, I had no specific expectations. I thought they were going to leave me alone with a computer and go assigning me untutored tasks. But after the interview I left with high expectations!

 I thought that Calconut was a great family, the conditions in case of staying as a worker in the future I liked a lot and also my duties I liked.I believe that not only have my expectations been met, but they have been overcome.

  • You have been part of the logistics and import department for 3 months, what would you highlight about the operation of this department?
I was struck by the operation of the department, it is a great chain and it is very well synchronized. If a member of the team is wrong, everything fails and everything is coordinated from the start.

  • And of your tasks as a scholar?
I had studied mainly export, and when I entered Calconut I was given some respect to import duties. However, thanks to my colleagues, everything has been easier and today I really like their functions. Also, I feel safe to ask since the team tries to help you at all times. 

  • What would you consider to have been the greatest learning in this time?
Learning and valuing teamwork has been my greatest learning since I had previously worked individually, and this was something that gave me some fear at first.

  • As you have lived yourself, in Calconut you work a lot as a team. Do you think this has been an enriching experience?
No doubt I think so, I think that this way of working in which all the colleagues in the same and between different departments support each other, is the engine that drives the company.

  • What would you highlight of Calconut as a company? And his team?
I believe that Calconut as a company is a great family and especially, I have been struck by the fact of having a Foundation. I believe that the Juan Peregrín Mula Foundation brings great value and shows the most human part of the company.

 As for the equipment, good tuning and synchronization are perceived from the beginning. Also, the trust that they have given me since I started is something for which I am very grateful.

  • What is your favorite thing about doing your internship with us? Would you recommend it to other students?
What I liked the most is to understand how the world of import / export works and to realize how interesting this world really is. In addition, I would recommend the company to other students because of the way they work, the good atmosphere and the camaraderie.

Cristina is still doing her mandatory practices with us and soon she will be one more of the Calconut team. If you would also like to be part of this great family, send us your CV to