Calconut celebrates the IV Sports Day

Calconut celebrates the IV Sports Day Calconut celebrates the IV Sports Day


The Calconut team celebrate the IV company's traditional "Sports Day".

At Calconut we are committed to a healthy life style, and at the same time we like to foster a good relationship between our colleagues. That is why the Sports Day is organized, which was carried out with recreational activities in which the workers had a great time.

The day began at the main headquarters in San Juan de los Terreros, from which the different teams came out to highlight some purbages that were notified to each leader. The groups had to take some photographs in different locations of the town, until all arrive at the Juan Montiel sports port in Águilas (Murcia), where the activity would take place.

The multi-adventure activities company Meridiano Raid was in charge of organizing a series of tests on the water, which the different teams had to overcome. Relay races, King SUP, and even the construction of a boat with some materials, among other activities. In the tests, the group's agility, speed, teamwork, companionship, etc., were valued.

The participating teams: red, black, orange, green and blue, were overcoming each of the fun challenges that the monitors were scoring. The allocation of points, was generating expectation until the end ... being the orange team winner.

Finally, the company gave the winners their prizes consisting of nuts and the medals of the IV Calconut Sports Day. As part of our company philosophy, we place great importance on teamwork. It's essential to keep growing, to advance all in the same direction and to have the support among colleagues from the same and from different departments. And this is why so much importance is given to these activities, where the companions of Calconut have the opportunity to meet, and have a fun time.