Calconut on wheels

Calconut on wheels Calconut on wheels


We are planning more actions and events for the next year 2019. We are looking forward to bringing our products everywhere. Who knows where you can find us with our food truck?

We are about to close the year, a 2018 full of news in which Calconut, a company consolidated in the import and export of nuts, has taken a step in a new direction aimed at the end customer.

In this year we have launched our ecommerce, and we are growing increasingly in our social networks, mainly Facebook and Instagram, which are the most relevant for our customers.

In addition, we have reached a network of collaborators (Instagrammers, Influencers ...) for which we only have thanks for the great reception of our products. In 2018 we have been present supporting popular races, entertaining with our snacks in football matches. In the new year 2019... we take a step more! We are on wheels, with our new food truck, ready to know our products that already like a multitude of customers.