Calconut celebrates World Nutrition Day

Calconut celebrates World Nutrition Day Calconut celebrates World Nutrition Day


In our will to be part of a healthier world, we have put in place measures to promote healthy eating habits among our employees

Today, May 28, we celebrate World Nutrition Day, a day proclaimed in 1979 by the United Nations with the aim of "making the world aware of the world food problem".

Given the large amount of ultraprocessed foods, harmful to health, existing today, at Calconut we want to promote good eating habits among our employees. For this reason, on June 2 we will start serving meals in our new operations center in Mutxamel (Alicante). This way, following two shifts to guarantee the safety distance required by current circumstances, all employees will enjoy a healthy daily menu, cooked by our own chef, and who will have the opportunity to serve themselves choosing from a first course suitable for vegans, two main courses and two desserts, among which fruit is always included.

This menu has been studied and developed by our nutritionists and covers daily nutritional needs. Workers who move from another headquarters to Alicante's, can also enjoy this service.

The possibility of eating healthy at work is possible in Calconut. In addition, family and social reconciliation is also favored, since it allows our employees to save time in the kitchen.

Our latest nutrition-related investment has been the Nutrabow app, available in English and Spanish for download on iOS and Android. This app allows the user to know the benefits of food to prevent certain pathologies, such as migraines, insomnia or muscle pain. In Nutrabow you can also find simple, healthy and easy 1 minute video recipes, to incorporate into a daily diet.

In addition, we will soon have new healthy products available in our e-commerce, such as natural nut creams or dehydrated fruits without added sugars, the perfect alternative to ultra-processed foods such as sweets.