The Calconut Healthy Summit 2019, a successful event

The Calconut Healthy Summit 2019, a successful event The Calconut Healthy Summit 2019, a successful event


Calconut celebrates in Águilas (Murcia) the first healthy cooking event: Healthy Summit 2019, with a multitude of activities, lectures, showcooking and tastings.

The sessions began on Friday, June 7. After receiving the attendees and giving them their credentials and welcome packs, they were able to enjoy a small cocktail and get to know the hand of the General Director of Calconut, Héctor Serrano, and Iván Gómez of R & D, a small preview of our Healthy Matrix project.

Subsequently, the showcooking of the Calconut team took place, where more than 20 healthy recipes were prepared, which were very well received by the attendees, who were interested in knowing their preparation and health benefits. On Saturday, the 8th, the day began with a healthy breakfast, and the activity of yoga with percussion was carried out on Matalentisco beach. Doonde was then able to enjoy a lunch break of the new Calconut products that will be launched in connection with the Healthy Matrix project. 

In addition, participants were able to enjoy showcookings, lectures, and tastings by well-known influencers of the healthy food sector with: Laura López, Estefanía de Andrés, Marta Martínez from Mi Vega Vega and Judit Soto from Dra.cookinghealthy. The chef Laura López (@ laura.lopez.mon), addressed the theme of ultra-processed breakfasts and proposed healthy alternatives. The influencer fitness Andrés Estefanía (@edeand) talked about how to get a change in lifestyle and made some desserts without sugar. Marta de Mi Vega Vegana (@midietavegana) made vegan recipes that surprised everyone. And Judit Soto (@dracookinghealthy) offered an interesting presentation on cardiovascular diseases and how to prevent them through food. 

From Calconut we are working on the development of a mobile App in order to make users know the best foods to take care of health and even help prevent diseases. Very soon we will give more information about the launch.