I Calconut Suppliers' Day

I Calconut Suppliers' Day I Calconut Suppliers' Day


Calconut is getting ready for the I Calconut Supplier’s Day in Seville which is happening at the same time that the International Nut & Dried Fruit Congress.

On the 37 º meeting of The International Nuts & Dried fruit congress this year in Seville, which brings together more than 1000 participants from national and international companies, in Calconut we have also offer our suppliers an amazing day that cannot be forgotten easily.   Calconut will bring together many of its main suppliers to enjoy a day in which there won’t be any detail missing.

Starting with a horse-car walk through the city accompanied by some of our most exquisite nuts and followed by a welcome cocktail and accompanying the evening with a photo booth with typical Sevillian hut.

We hope that this event will give us the opportunity to strengthen ties with our suppliers.

It will be impossible to forget it!

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