Juan Peregrin Internationalization Scholarships in Calconut

Juan Peregrin Internationalization Scholarships in Calconut Juan Peregrin Internationalization Scholarships in Calconut


If you are a student in your last year at the University of Almeria and you want to get trained in an international business environment (and be one of the representatives of Calconut at the Gufood Dubaid 2018 trade show) do not hesitate to apply for the Juan Peregrín internationalization grant that the Juan Peregrín foundation is awarding.

The Juan Peregrín Mula Foundation carries out a training Project offering two students from the University of Almeria the chance of putting their knowledge into practice. This will be done through a 3 months grant in the Calconut Purchasing Department (with the possibility of travelling to California to visit the almond farms) or in the Sales Department (with the possibility of attending the Gulfood Dubai Trade show).

All participants must meet the following requirements:
-Enrolled student at the University of Almeria *.
-Under the age of 30, in their last year of Degree or recent graduates.
-High level of English (B2-C1), to demonstrate in a personal interview.
-Family income limit of €24.000/ year (family income statement must be provided). In case of being an emancipated student, specific cases will be studied.    

Selected candidates must complete the following tests in order to access the scholarships:
-Logical-mathematical analysis.
-English level test.
-Knowledge of a second language test (preferably French, Italian or German).  

Said tests for the Dubai Proposal will take place in class building II, classroom 20 of the University of Almeria on Thursday 14th of December 2017 at 10:30 am.  

*Degrees: ADE & Law; ADE; Law; Economy; Finance y accounting; Marketing and Marketing Research; Turism; Agricultural Engineering; Electronics Engineering; Industrial Electronics Engineering; Computer Agricultural Engineering; Mechanical Agricultural Engineering; Industrial Chemistry Agricultural Engineering; Biotechnology; Environmental Sciences; Mathematics and Chemistry.

Do not miss it and sign up for this opportunity if you meet all the requirements!