Calconut continues to grow

Calconut continues to grow Calconut continues to grow


Hello everybody,

After the publication of the almond board report concerning July, which is the last one from the present crop (2014). We start as usual with our share inside the Spanish import quota from California, this month the shipment to Spain has reach 5,5 million kilograms (which is quite lower than previous months) similar to the amount of February, meanwhile our company gets much better in it share, reaching a quota over 26%.

This it has become to an increase in the global year quota of the 1 %, getting it to an average quota for the whole year over the 16 %. If we take into consideration the global rank position we found that Calconut it´s again in the eight position of the world, as we were in May, so this means what happened in May was not a peak of the demand so it´s a tendency consolidated.
About our global position from the beginning of the crop, we are in the 12th position and as we explained in the previous report our turnover is indicating us that if we keep the same level the next crop our position will be ahead the present one. If we take a look to our position at the end of the passed crop (2013) we used to be 16th position so we have moved 4 positions ahead, which is the result of the company growth during that period.

Thanks a lot to all of you and keep tuned, we will be back with more information soon.