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Team building

At Calconut, more than colleagues we are Family, we firmly believe that to work comfortably, we must take care of the work environment among colleagues and for this, every year actions are carried out that help the construction, development and union of the teams.

"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual", Vince Lombardi.


Some of the most important benefits of investing in caring for the work environment are:

Increase employee motivation:
Motivation is the key to achieving good productivity in a comfortable environment and with happy employees at work.

Encourage group membership:
The team spirit of the different actions encourages the feeling of identity and belonging to the group.

Create bonds between colleagues:
They foster bonds between workers, creating interpersonal relationships and improving trust and cooperation both inside and outside the work environment.

Improve team communication:
In Calconut it is vital that there is communication and trust in the teams.

Increase creativity:
In relaxed environments and group dynamics encourage innovation and creative ideas.


  1. Sports days

    One of the special moments of the year where the promotion of sport is mixed with teamwork in a healthy competition. Laughter is guaranteed.

  2. Meeting and Christmas lunch

    On this day, the company communicates to the workers the objectives achieved during the year and the objectives for the next year. A day full of surprises.

  3. Healthy dining room

    In our dining room you will have a rich, healthy and balanced menu. You will be able to know all our nut & me products through our menus.

  4. Reconciliation of work and professional life

    Labor flexibility for family conciliation, flexibility in the choice of vacations, intersive working hours during summer months and Friday afternoons off.

  5. Acknowledgments

    Award for the best employee of the year or award with an extra-work activity, for example, a getaway or hotel night.

  6. Team building actions within the office

    On special days, special details.


If you work in Calconut you will be able to enjoy the best work areas: social club, solarium area to rest and / or work outdoors or our biophilic ball are some examples of bright environments, with vegetation and with everything necessary both for the development of tasks such as worker rest.