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Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.

The cashew is the seed of a fruit tree that is mainly found in countries with tropical climates, such as Cambodia, Vietnam, India; but also in parts of East and West Africa and Brazil.
This white or ivory colored seed is found inside a walnut in shell that is attached to a fruit, a kind of apple and / or pear, but that has very little consumption. This shell contains a toxic oil that must be removed before starting the process of shelling and processing the cashew.

Despite this complex production process, the cashew is considered one of the healthiest nuts due to its nutritional profile. Being its fat index even lower than for almonds or walnuts.
It also stands out for its high mineral values ​​of copper and magnesium, also notable for its high values ​​of iron, zinc, phosphorus and selenium.
This set of nutritional values ​​translates into various health benefits, such as helping to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, strengthen bones or contribute to the good state of the nervous system.

Data Sheet:



Standard extra Más de 15 mm
Standard 1 13 – 15 mm
Standard 2 11 – 13 mm
Standard 3 9 – 11 mm
Regular 9 – 15 mm

Blanched, Roasted

11-13 mm
12-14 mm
13-15 mm


1-3 mm
2-4 mm
3-5 mm

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