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To know your needs

Our mission
To be your warehouse in the ocean.

Just in Time Delivery

Our vision
To be a reference in the supply “Just in Time”.

Customer Service

Our values
Innovation, proximity, discipline, honesty.

Calconut, a global company nut based in Spain, has become an industry leader through price and service since 2005, but its origins date back decades thanks to the familiar roots.

At the present Calconut is one of the leading companies in the sector, which over the years has climbed positions to become one of the TOP 10, compared to the almond importing countries worldwide (the comparative is based on the monthly reports of the Almond Board of California).

Another example of this growth is the inclusion of Calconut, according to the "London Stock Exchange Group", among one of the 100 companies that much have grown in Europe in the period 2012-2015. Piece of news that the prestigious British newspaper The Financial Times has covered.

We know that to add value to our customers we must have an innovative vision. For this reason, our team mix the experience and knowledge in international trading with the capacity for innovation and creativity, always with the feeling of a team.
For all this, we bring a unique strategic point of view, turning what for a long time has been an obstacle, the ocean, into a sea of opportunities using it as a warehouse. A global business model that helps our customers find solutions across the borders. That's why our philosophy is summarized in two slogans: "nuts in time" and "our warehouse is the ocean".
IV Jornada Deportiva Calconut
IV Jornada Deportiva Calconut