Corporate Social Responsibility

Inauguration of the Espacio O2 to offset the carbon footprint in the vicinity of our facilities, in coordination with the Juan Peregrín Foundation

Yesterday, in coordination with the Juan Luis Peregrín Foundation, we opened the Espacio O2, a green area in the Riodel industrial park (Mutxamel, Alicante) near our facilities. This green area aims to reduce the carbon footprint of local industry in the environment, utilizing species highly adapted to the environment (therefore needing little irrigation). The plants are capable of absorbing up to fifteen tons of CO2 per year, while producing oxygen and filtering the air, thus improving overall air quality. In addition, this landscaped area favors the retention of rainwater and regulates the temperature. This will generate a much friendlier and more pleasant environment for the workers near the industrial park, and the people who visit it.

As a result of its deep commitment to sustainable initiatives, the Juan Peregrín Mula Foundation – named after the second generation of the family that created Calconut – has donated 88 trees – mulberry, pine, almond, olive and carob trees – and more than 450 low shrubs – rosemary – throughout the green area. All the species that form part of the O2 Space are highly adaptable to the area. Cotton Garden, a state-of-the-art nursery in Tangel (Alicante), has been in charge of the selection of the plants and the design of the space, supervising the planting.


A day of celebration and awareness

On the day of the inauguration of this environmental project, we also hosted a conference at our facilities on the main environmental problems and challenges facing society. It was given by two experts in the field: Laura Reboul, Greenpeace volunteer coordinator, and Álvaro Luna, PhD in Biology at the Doñana Biological Station, a public research institute belonging to the CSIC that focuses on urban ecology. Reboul analyzed the complex environmental context of global warming and the major challenges facing society, such as overfishing, deforestation, plastic waste and water and air pollution. Luna focused on scientific dissemination and as the author of books like The Age of Plastic, spoke of the great ecological challenge posed by these issues. At the end of the day, all attendees were able to enjoy an open-air concert on the roof of our offices.

Both the implementation of the green space, and this event, are in line with one of Calconut’s main focusses as a company: employee wellness. Our Calconut Wellness program is focused on creating the best possible workplace through the presence of five elements (light, natural ventilation, water, vegetation and aroma). These elements keep cortisol (the stress hormone) at bay and encourage the creation of the so-called ‘happiness quartet’: endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. The aim is to attract and retain talent, and also to contribute to the health of the workforce. Another way we do this, for example, is by offering a healthy daily menu for everyone in the cafeteria.