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Calconut Master Class – Management Skills and Leadership Program

Starting next March 2022, Calconut will have the first Master Class Program in Management Skills and Leadership.

Once again, we are committed to being pioneers in offering constant training growth to our human team and, on this occasion, committed to our responsibility to improve society. We extend it to anyone interested in training in these fields, with executive speakers and teachers from top companies and universities. In addition, the proceeds from the registrations will be donated to the Juan Peregrín Foundation, which promotes numerous charitable actions.

The Master Class Program in Management Skills and Leadership of Calconut was born out of the need to respond to the growing demand in the market for skills such as negotiation, time management, digital transformation, communication strategies, among others; modules that will be taught as part of the training content.

These disciplines will be taught by a faculty of great reputation worldwide, contributing to the subject their great experience in the development of their fields. Among others, we will have renowned personalities such as Carlo Giardinetti and Jill Slye, professors at Harvard University, who will teach the module on Collaborative Leadership and Agile Organizations, a subject with which the Calconut Master will open, and Communication Strategies and Presentations with Impact, respectively.

We will also be accompanied by the training expert and consultant, Javier Ortego, recently declared by The Economist as one of the best trainers in the world. With it, the aspects that encompass time management will be covered, with the use of management tools and multitasking.

Carlos Castillo, Director of CRM at Pos, Pere Ripoll, Enterprise Senior Account Manager at Gartner, Álvaro Rescalvo, Head of Expansion at Carrefour and Josep Vento, Director of Operations at Quimiromar, complete the multidisciplinary teaching team. Teaching staff that, without a doubt, is the cornerstone of this Master Class Program in Management Skills and Leadership, due to his career and mastery.

Detailed information by subject, dates and cost can be found in our Calconut Master Class section, where to access the registration form and request pre-registration. The places to study the complete program or any of the modules, for those external to Calconut, are very limited. We invite you to consult the information or to contact where we will answer any questions that may arise.

We are waiting for you!