Committed with sustainability and innovation

In CALCONUT We are concerned about the environment and We strongly think that technological progress is the way to fight against greenhouse gases, for this reason, from now on we choose electric vehicles for taxi services in our local transport.

We are totally committed and aware of the need to adopt an active role in climatic emergencies. That is why taking into account that we have to make different transfers because of our business, immediately we were wondering which is the best and the most respectful with our planet option. It was clear to us that the right alternative is a system of zero-emission transportation.

Technology is becoming increasingly relevant in order to face the environmental crisis challenges, global warming, and to meet sustainable development objectives.

One of the best examples of the importance that technological innovation has gained as a tool to combat pollution is the electric vehicles, whose batteries emit 30% fewer pollutants into the air, in other words, their carbon footprint is smaller. Furthermore, we are talking about more efficient cars in terms of energy conversión and we may highlight electricity itself is cleaner and cheaper as an energy source.

Although, still manufacturing electric vehicles is quite more expensive, also for the planet, it is offset with the lack of combustion burning fuel. Even calculating the extra emissions in the production process and the waste of batteries, at the end of an electric car lifespan the total CO2 emissions are way less than the traditional ones. Especially, if we are considering that the energy to recharge is 100% renewable.

The cutting-edge car industry is already replacing the traditional combustión engine and from CALCONUT, as an innovative company, we want to take part in the change, the green transition has arrived.

Thus, at the end of the last month, we launched a cooperation agreement with electric taxi services for our transfers in the province of Alicante. Moreover, we remain focused on clean energy, for instance installing a charge point for electric vehicles in our facilities, a fact that will work as a launch to increase the fleet in the future.

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