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Calconut officially inaugurates its headquarters in Mutxamel while continuing to grow steadily

Inauguración Calconut

After more than two years of waiting due to the pandemic, last Thursday, October 13th, we officially inaugurated our headquarters in Mutxamel (Alicante). A pioneering center that we opened in 2020, which has the most advanced technology in the sector and which, since then, has been our main office and headquarters. The large warehouse, located in the Riodel industrial park, has a total area of ​​11,082 m2 and houses both our central offices and a large almond processing factory (the main product of our portfolio), packaging and storage.

In this new generation plant, we are committed to the circular economy and care for the environment, allocating investment not only to optimizing processes, but to making them more sustainable. To do this, we have installed 1,424 solar panels on the roof, which generate 40% of the energy we consume. In addition, we also aim to generate zero organic waste. For example, we reuse the almond skin for animal consumption and the leftover water from the different industrial processes for the irrigation of our gardens.

The celebration of this event is added to the positive results of this year. Thanks to a global business model and a total commitment to technological innovation, in recent years we have experienced exponential growth. In 2021 we already reached a turnover of 153 million euros, a figure that we hope to exceed by far this year, reaching 215 million, which would mean a growth of 40% within the current adverse economic scenario in which we live.


Together with numerous representatives of the sector, of politics, such as the Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Pilar Bernabé; the sub-delegate in Alicante, Araceli Poblador; or the general director of Innovation of the Generalitat Valenciana, Sonia Tirado; in addition to the first deputy mayor of Mutxamel, Antonio Sola, among others, and personalities such as Carlos Ríos and Laura Garat (@keto_con_laura), renowned influencers, or Josep Casas, an investor in different startups, we were able to enjoy an enriched schedule to celebrate this event, so marked and expected.

We began the day in the middle of the afternoon with different presentations led by experts from the Spanish industry: Luis Pérez del Molino, national maritime director of Kuehne & Nagel, whose speech dealt with the difficult situation of world logistics; Antonio Pont Soriano, CEO of Crisol, who addressed the Spanish almond sector; and Xavier Hernández Ribas, CEO of Mas Your Brand, who spoke about consumer behavior and trends in the retail channel. Héctor Serrano, CEO of Calconut, closed the presentations, explaining the growth situation of the company within the current economic context.

Subsequently, a welcome cocktail was held with the more than 400 guests who visited us from all over the world (from the USA to China, passing through numerous European and Arab countries, among others), after which the solemn ceremony of the opening, with two speeches by the president of Calconut, Juan Luis Peregrín, and the CEO of the company, Héctor Serrano, and a tour of our facilities so that they could learn about our Calconut Wellness program, focused on creating the best possible workplace through the presence of five elements: light, natural ventilation, water, vegetation and aroma.

Finally we were able to enjoy live music on our rooftop by the Las Vegas Group and, later, a dinner at the Villa Bandida restaurant in Alicante, enlivened with live music by Laurens Dalhuisen.