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Calconut Employees of the Year 2021

As every year, at our year-end meeting, Calconut General Management has the difficult decision of selecting the best employees of the year. This 2021 has been really special and unique. It has not only been given the awards individually, but, as the first time, It has been given to a whole department, and believe us, it has been well-deserved. 

We know that you are looking forward to knowing who they are, so… Let’s get to the point: 

  • Carlos Iañez, Quality Manager. A rock ‘n’ roll lover, who has left us all speechless this 2021. Not only for being a leader and exemplary employee, but for his constant support to the marketing department and for making us smile every day. Congratulations Carlos! You are an excellent colleague. 


  • Álvaro Párraga, Financial Manager and Arab Market Sales Manager. If you don’t know him, it’s because you don’t know Calconut. He’s 1000% committed to the company, resolutive, challenge achiever, and the second person  with two Employees of the Year Awards. Congratulations Álvaro! You are very TOP! 

  • Quality Department. Thinking about the ideal team is thinking in this department. The magnificent working environment shine with their own light. They are constatly working for learning every day and developing profesionally (who doesn’t knows that we have obtained  the IFS Broker certificate this year?). All this from the most absolute humility and the companionship, with a great will of sacrifice to accomplish their goals. Congratulations team! 

Congratulations on your magnificent work and congratulations to the rest of the Calconut team, because all this would have not been possible without them! 




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