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Calconut develops a tasting panel for its products

Calconut develops a tasting panel for its products

Given the increase in competitiveness in the sector and the demand that Calconut imposes on ourselves so that the product offered is excellent, a group of workers has been created and trained who will form the sensory tasting panel to determine the quality and possible improvements in these, whether old or new releases.

Forming the Calconut tasting panel

The tasting or sensory analysis of a food product focuses on measuring the reactions of the 5 senses of consumers. For this reason, the human team that will make up this panel has received training from Sensofood Solutions, a research group at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche that has extensive experience in quality control, as well as in the training of tasting panels. in companies and in protected designations of origin.

Said trainings, a total of eight, have been carried out with Calconut’s own products, starting by detecting basic flavors, and continuing to learn what their characteristics are, such as aromas, textures or any defect that this product may have.

The project started with 28 people, all of whom had sensory skills, knowledge and interest in the subject. Then, after just two of the training sessions, the ten team members were selected and completed the remaining six sessions.

Tasting panel human team

In order to achieve neutrality in opinion and achieve a better evaluation result, the tasting panel will be made up of workers from different departments, including marketing, purchasing, sales, production, quality and engineering. In this way, the common results will not be guided around the objectives of an area but will seek, without taking into account specific objectives, to have the best products in the portfolio as well as to impartially evaluate samples that reach the company.

The group that forms the tasting panel will work as support in decision-making that implies a change in the product, such as, for example, a change in suppliers, approval of new products, determining if what is offered is up to date height necessary for the company, etc.

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