Calconut Cultural Week

This past week, we held our Cultural Week here at Calconut. This is a week in which we enjoyed a variety of activities, making our work week very special.

We started off Monday with a painting workshop led by one of our employees, allowing us to bring out our creative side and capture various landscapes on our sheets – perfect for developing our imagination!

Tuesday followed with an open-air Latin dance class on our rooftop, taking advantage of the timely arrival of good weather. We were able to enjoy the sun and warmth while uncovering the dancing talents of our employees.

On Wednesday we celebrated our Wellness Day, a day dedicated to our wellbeing.

Throughout the day, a masseuse offered massages, in order to improve our muscle tension, help prevent the onset of pain, avoid contractures, and relieve stress.

In addition, some of our customers and healthy eating social media influencers joined us to tour our facilities. These influencers partner with our consumer retail brand, nut&me, for added promotion.

Our afternoon started off with an event where some of our influencers spoke on stage to our employees. It started with Laura (@keto_con_laura) telling us how her relationship with food has been strengthening in recent years and how the keto diet has helped her, sharing her journey becoming an influencer on Instagram. Next, we had a round table formed by Klaudia (@k_de_klaudia), Andy (@keto.genia) and Laura (@itslaufit), in which they spoke on how they integrate a healthy lifestyle in their day to day, thanks to food, sport, and mental health. In addition, Andy showed us some yoga exercises that we were able to do in our chairs, and can do while we work.

Following this, we announced the release of our two new nut&me butters: Cinnamon Roll and Golden Milk. Both are made with nuts, and are vegan, gluten-free, and have no added sugars. The exquisite cinnamon roll flavor is achieved thanks to the combination of pecans, almonds, dates, cinnamon and ginger. And the golden milk, our first savory cream, combines cashews, almonds, coconut drink, curry, turmeric, cinnamon, and coriander. Two new launches that we are very proud of and that cannot be found elsewhere in the market.

To end the day, we all enjoyed a concert on our rooftop by the band, Mr. Hyde, putting the icing on the cake to a very fulfilling day.