Main importers of californian almond

Calconut is a main importer and distributor of Nuts and Dried fruits. We have specialized ourselves in almonds where we work with Californian, Australian and Spanish almonds. Our volumes in almonds have been growing steadily and we are now considered a TOP-5 importer of Californian almonds worldwide.

Next to almonds we have expanded our portfolio of products with other types of Nuts, Dried fruits, Superfoods and Spices. Always looking for new trends we keep on introducing new products. We commercialize these products in 3 lines of business; Trading, Processing and Retail.

Calconut in numbers

65 Countries

138 mln Business volume (2019)

27.000 tons of nuts and dried fruits.

131 Employees


Our warehouse is the ocean. This slogan defines the logistic strategy of our trading division. Calconut imports high volumes of nuts, dried fruits and other products and has always a great number of containers afloat to redirect to our customers.

From our stock position in Spain, we can serve our clients on pallet of full truck basis. Having Valencia as the ideal hub to directly deliver to clients in Europe, North Africa, and Middle East.


We further specialize ourselves in the creation of high spec roasted almond ingredients, including almond pastes.

Almond Production

Preparation of pastes / creams

Toasted nuts


The range of products we offer to our retail clients is very wide but with a clear focus on Nuts, Dried Fruits and Superfoods. Our R&D department develops unique mixes, roasted and coated products.


Kosher Certification

Our food complies with the requirements of the Jewish Law (kashrut) for edible substances that do not contain dairy or meat ingredients, nor contamination of derivatives thereof.

IFS Broker

Foundation Level with a score of 94.67%. This international seal, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), guarantees the safety and food quality of processed products.


Certification that allows the commercialization of organic products, authorized by the competent authorities of Andalusia, C. La Mancha and C. León. Accredited by: ENAC and USDA, under NOP standards.