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The first nutandme Store lands in Lima (Peru)

We are very happy to announce you in advance that we will soon open in the city of Lima (Peru) the first nut&me experiential store, creating a new space, a flagship store model food, technological and innovative, based on health and sustainability.

V Discussion Forum about the Spanish Almond Industry

Today 22nd of July CALCONUT, international trade leader in almond, has taken part in the V Discussion Forum about the Spanish Almond Industry, meeting point for the disaggregated Spanish almond industry to present its current situationd and discuss about ...

Golden raisins. Origin and nutrients.

Raisins are just ordinary grapes after a drying process. Amongst raisins we may distinguish between Golden, Sultana, Malayer, Green, Black and Crimson, deppending on the drying process in which they are underwent, that is to say, sundried, into the darkne...

Peanut’s current situation in the global market

Contrary to popular belief, peanuts are not nuts but pulses. Why? The answer is easy, they do not grow up in trees like the majority of nuts, but underground although they are not roots. Given its legume plant nature, it is very important for its harvesti...

All you need to know about macadamias

Even though we generally use the macadamia term to name the nut known as the Australian Crown Tresory itself, it is referred to the tree where they grow up. If we talk about macadamia nuts, they are known in several different ways depending who you ask, f...

Happy Nutrition Day!

At Calconut, on World Nutrition Day, we want to highlight the importance of this field so closely linked to our sector and to our lives, which directly affects physical and mental health.